Friday, July 30, 2010

Today's Rant: Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise

God, if it don't beat all. I am doing my f***ing best to cater to my son, Aaron, and the mother of his child-almost-Christine, but all I get are morose grunts. They have no car, so I'm the assumed chauffeur. I do it regularly and my writing is suffering. I am so angry I could spit!
My normal response to pent-up anger is tears, however, I am finding a new rage within myself. Perhaps this is a good thing, I don't know. I've a feeling if I let loose, trees will fall, earthquakes will follow.
Today they are mad at one another and I feel it. Sh*t. I seem to 'feel' everything. I suppose this will pass, but another round is bound to come. They are just starting out and have financial woes-but don't all couples? The baby is due in 40 days and I will provide daycare. Ouch. So I am both dreading and anticipating this new love in my life.
Sorry about this rant, folks, but what are blogs for?