Monday, August 9, 2010

Forgive that Rant!

I do believe my former rant was unnecessary. Well, perhaps it served a purpose at the time, but it was reactionary. I need to back off from the drama and find the quiet within. And there is quiet there. I tend to take everything personally and try to control situations...and feelings.
This is all so new. My son and his girlfriend moved here only last November and I really must admit I am just getting to know them. I raised that boy, of course, but now he is a man-an unknown man. Christine is absolutely lovely-yet young and very pregnant. They are soon to be parents who are having a terribly hard time financially, but Anthony-Grampa-and I will always be there for them-and their child. I imagine this is what blogs are for-expressing anger and frustration that will probably not be read. That's just fine by me.
Later, then.